1. To raise awareness of a great event occurring at Holy Cross on Thursday, August 30th, 2012: the second-ever night football game at Fitton Field
  2. To request the attendance of Holy Cross students, and alumni, as well as members of the Worcester community and college football fans throughout New England.
  3. To assist the Holy Cross Athletic Department in achieving a specific goal: selling out Fitton Field for the game.

  4. To articulate the importance of achieving the aforementioned goal. A sell out:

    1. creates a great atmosphere for the players and spectators 

    2. stimulates the local economy – fans will stay at Worcester hotels, eat and drink at Worcester restaurants, and shop at Worcester stores   

    3. sends a clear message that:   

      • Holy Cross recognizes the unique role that Crusader Football plays in the school community and the greater Worcester community 
      • Holy Cross supports its Football program by hosting a special event that will assist in efforts to 1) recruit top student-athletes, 2) engage students, alumni/ae, and college football fans, and 3) raise the profile of the school throughout the region
      • Holy Cross honors the efforts of its past stars and champions in creating and maintaining the Ring of Honor





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